Southbourne Surf Group: Heroes at Young Age


Doctors, police officers and firefighters are regarded as some of the most meaningful and vital jobs in our society for the reason that they have the opportunity to protect and save a life. But when it comes to saving lives, we often overlook the worth of a lifesavers’ job. Many people are under the impression that lifeguarding was nothing more than a young well-tanned muscular body with a convenient job of patrolling the sea with shades and lemonade at hand. But their role in the society isn’t as easy and smooth as what you thought it would be.


Lifesavers make thousands of rescues every year, running and diving into the water to pull people out of danger and save their lives. As for me, they are the heroes of the sea. What is more astounding about these people is that many of them are volunteer lifesavers who allot their free time to protect and save people who get into difficulties at the sea.


A volunteer lifesaver club hut at the bottom of St. Catherine’s path near the seaside eatery – Bistro on the Beach have gained recognition for their activities that contributes to the betterment of Southbourne community. Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club is a group of volunteer lifesavers established to provide safety and awareness for the residents and tourists of Southbourne.


They provide various activities for the members of all ages. Most of their members are composed of youths who are interested in lifesaving education. They accept trainees starting at the age of seven where they will be under the Nippers program of the club. Ages twelve to sixteen on the other hand, are entitled to compete in Surf Life Saving Competitions. Their training is more intensive than the Nippers program and requires more in-depth in readiness for beach patrolling when they reach fourteen. Ages 16 and above are encouraged to work towards the Beach Lifeguard award required for the employment as a professional beach lifeguard in the UK and abroad.


Lifesavers really do have an amazing job because they get a chance to spend their day wandering the vastness of the sea. But as we all know, their job isn’t a typical dream job that many would want. There’s a seriousness and responsibility hang on their shoulders.